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NatanPax: At the beginning of my career, I wanted to try sex with different guys: slender and athletic, smooth-shaven curly brunettes and bearded red, with tattoos and piercings, virgins and modest, libertines and assholes.
I wanted to experience different sex: in various poses, hard and gentle, slow and fast, extreme, group in various formats, role-playing games. There were so many fantasies in my head. And I dreamed of embodying them one by one.
I wanted to feel all the colors, to distinguish all the nuances and semitones. Understand what the components of the highest erotic bliss. I wanted to know as much as possible about the sensations and the relationship between the variables.
I got an orgasm only when I masturbated myself. It doesn’t work with partners. They were inept, finished too quickly or simply did something wrong. But I was still very much excited, indecently sodden and very eager for pleasure. And even in the absence of an orgasm, I got an incredibly vivid sensation of sex, which I wanted to experience again and again. I wanted to explore ways to deepen these feelings.
After all, sex is an exchange of energy. This is a way to talk about your emotions without words. This is a flirt, and tactility, and a prelude with kisses, petting, and finally the process itself.
I have a great need to be touched, caressed, stroked, pawed and squeezed. I love to feel greedy hands on my body.I love to feel touches: from barely perceptible to persistent and passionate, from which it breaks through with electricity.

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